It's none of my business, but I'm curious about what people subscribe to for media consumption, not counting internet access. Here's mine, off the top of my head:

Spotify premium
Amazon Prime
Fandor (a gift)
Moviepass (a gift)
The Washington Post
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser
The Athletic
Netflix DVD (yes I do)
Texture ('though I never use it)
Major League Baseball At Bat

I want to add the new Criterion Collection streaming service but I think things are out of control here.

I also subscribe to the New York TImes Crossword Puzzle and the American Values Club crossword puzzles, but I don't think those count as media consumption.

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@scrivener Prime, Netflix, Linkedin Premium for course content, and sometimes CBS and HBO - I think that's it.

@scrivener I don't hesitate to pay for media I actually consume, though the "free or F off" philosophy is pretty prevalent. As a family we pay for iTunes Music, Netflix, HBO Now, and are off-and-on Spotify Premium users. I've been mulling subscribing to the Washington Post (though I may be borrowing a friend's access for now... bad geek!). My wife likes Fandor and Britbox and Mubi and Filmstruck (shuffling them regularly), Memrise, and Puzzle Page. She also buys every Hipstamatic filter ever.

Via my T-Mobile account I got free MLB-TV (I don't watch) and Pandora subscriptions (I do like Pandora). I subscribe to Hulu ($12 for a year deal w/commercials), Amazon Prime, Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Sunday paper only, was only $1 for a year), Star-Advertiser, Amazon Music, Audible, Medium, Wired (was $5 for a year and a free YubiKey 4), Puffer (free Stanford U live network TV streaming), (free, viewed on mobile, desktop and Oculus Go).

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