It's nice to see our friend Burt Lum in the Pacific Business News Titans of Tech issue, but did anyone else notice something about the demographics across all categories? Or am I being hypersensitive?

@scrivener Interesting that you'd post this. First, yes, yay, Burt. But I ran an experiment with my daughter. "Think 'Titan.' Now name a titan of tech." "Steve Wozniak." "Name a titan of Hollywood." "Tom Hanks." "Name a titan of writing." "Stephen King." "Anyone else?" "J.K. Rowling?" There it is!

@editor Right. But would your daughter’s responses be different if PBN and other publications looked harder for deserving people across demographics? I’m not saying they have to or even should, but it would be nice if they did.

Side note: our IT department is the malest group in the foundation, but it’s led by a woman, I’m pleased to say. 🙃

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