Story in the Star-Advertiser about the tomahawk steak trend in Hawaii. The writer didn't coin "Flintstonian," but this is the first time I've read it and it cracked me up. Nice use of language. Disagree with some of the writer's other decisions but Flintonian makes up for most of them.

@scrivener Damn, the thought of eating those steaks made me hungry. They may have an Impossible Burger but that Tomahawk ain't going to be fabricated out of soy and beet juice.


@MediaBaron Those tomahawks are perfect for the Instagram Age, but I'd feel pretty sheepish ordering one. I like how at one of the restaurants cited, the steak is brought out for oohing and aahing (and the gram), then taken back to the kitchen for slicing and sharing among four diners. Makes more sense!

And oh yeah, I'm drooling too.

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