Has anyone had a chance to go through the Washington Post's Afghanistan Papers series? I've bookmarked it all because it looks like an important, impressive story, but I haven't had a chance to dive in yet.

@editor I know. I was quoting someone on another platform. :)

@editor it's cute but how do you expect to make any money off that?

@editor "Ryan’s day job is at Hawaii Information Service and HE can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @hawaii."

@MediaBaron Those tomahawks are perfect for the Instagram Age, but I'd feel pretty sheepish ordering one. I like how at one of the restaurants cited, the steak is brought out for oohing and aahing (and the gram), then taken back to the kitchen for slicing and sharing among four diners. Makes more sense!

And oh yeah, I'm drooling too.

Story in the Star-Advertiser about the tomahawk steak trend in Hawaii. The writer didn't coin "Flintstonian," but this is the first time I've read it and it cracked me up. Nice use of language. Disagree with some of the writer's other decisions but Flintonian makes up for most of them.


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@editor @scrivener The privacy policy is basically that I save nothing anywhere except in the app. The only backend part is the notifications relay, which only sees web push data, which is end to end encrypted and decrypted inside the app. They go through Apple’s push servers too and they can’t see the contents either, which is a nice bonus on the web push standard.

@tootapp @editor Hi! Thanks for the info. I’m typing this in on Tootle app but still looking around.

Tootdon, the Mastodon iOS app I've been using, abruptly announced it was shutting down yesterday. No explanation. I originally selected it based on a Lifehacker recommendation, but a Google search for it just now indicates it may have been tracking users without informing them, according to articles from spring 2018. Time to look for a new app!

Working on the staff newsletter, I solicited some food recommendations from our Big Island offices. Now I'm all misty with nostalgia for college days. Malasadas from Tex Drive In!

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If you meet one asshole a day you met an asshole.

If you meet 15 assholes a day -- You're the asshole.

@Vagobond I just leave it open in a tab all day whenever I'm working at my desk, as I do with Tweetdeck, another Mastodon account, FB, and two Slacks. I don't know do social media for excitement; I kinda do it for presence.

...and yes, I know I wrote "jail" when I meant "prison." Oh well.

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My former boss is going to jail for up to 30 months. I have seriously mixed feelings about this.


Oh, and last night someone sent me a flyer inviting me to his goodbye party. It says, "See you in 30 months (or less)!" Pretty cute.

@editor Wow you weren't kidding. 12 years since your last registered edit.

@editor Mitchell_k_dwyer mostly for the same reason. :)

@editor Mostly music and juvenile fiction articles, 'though I've been a little cold lately (last edit in January). I was one of those bot operators correcting particular peeves of mine ("passed away" instead of "died" per WP:EUPHEMISM) but that one's been scrubbed out now. :)

@editor Oh yeah, that. I...try to pretend it's not happening.

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