Within 2 minutes, Singapore can test you for COVID-19 infection with just a single breath and it also works for other diseases as well, simply by detecting what you breathe out.


Singapore "Gold Standard" portable COVID-19 infection test produces results in 36 minutes and it works for Dengue and other viruses as well


Beware.. the Delta Variant is all out to kill you.... and if the Delta Variant wasn't successful, the next Variant will be..
Be afraid, be very very afraid...
Get the Vaccine and be Safe.... You either die from the Vaccine or the Virus, not both.
Choose wisely, it's your choice.. but if the vaccine its mandatory then it's not.

Slowly and surely... your freedoms will be taken away from you.... and its all done for the public's safety.

I want to go home to my mother!  Thai woman in Dubai weeps, fired from her job, employer seizes passport  If you want it back, pay it.

สาวไทยในดูไบร่ำไห้ นายจ้างยึดพาสปอร์ต กลับไทยไม่ได้ : Khaosod TV,

Welcome to Singapore.... where your neighbours can enforce the law on you.

Do as I tell you but do not do as I do... "VIP government officials."


Many more countries are developing their own brand of Covid vaccine at unbelievable super fast speed, bypassing lengthy human trials by using their own citizens as guinea pigs.


India refused to recognise the EU’s digital Covid certificate until it includes both the Indian vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin.


'Suddenly You Can't Find Him': Jim Jordan Criticizes Fauci For Skipping GOP COVID-19 Origin Hearing,

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"They blow it up or are burning it,” says Salam of the equipment being discarded. “There were lots of new things in this base – enough to rebuild Afghanistan 20 times – but they destroyed everything.”


China develops new technology to build a 10-storey building in 29 hours, revealing that it can last a thousand years.


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