"To be clear, there’s no question that Turkish forces are currently slaughtering the Kurds, as countless journalists and civilians on the ground can attest. But this particular video is fake and it’s a shame that it was broadcast." t.co/mxXPiJJY67 —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @pattinewberry: Thanks to San Fran's KCBS for inviting me on and helping spread @spj_tweets POV on the . t.co/5TAPFTkqyK —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"Don’t think about the specific content you want to find, but rather where such content might exist; then find related databases. Search engines won’t insert names into databases, so you’ll have to do that yourself." t.co/ebZVyWYKIf —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

Check out this @TrustingNews tip: Focus on the audience members who *aren't* yelling at you. "For the sake of your comment section and your own morale, don't let the haters drown out everyone else." t.co/1wEcWf1K5G t.co/ctD5Lb19hQ —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"The 3 city leaders are distressed. That said, none of them was subscribing to the paper when it published its last issue. That paradox... [illustrates] the troubles that have beset the nearly 2,000 papers nationwide that have closed in the past 15 years." t.co/plg9E5cIUE —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @spj_tweets: Some of journalism’s greatest contributions to society are built on documents and information leaked from employees of governments and private organizations. SPJ keeps this list of reputable news organizations offering secure pathways to leak information. t.co/fDZIKNCn6Z —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @pattinewberry: This is not acceptable, @realDonaldTrump. Journalists and everyone who supports journalism await your reply. t.co/1G3MeGaesX —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"Empathetic journalism takes the other tack: I don’t know about this, please tell me more, we want to hear from you, I want to learn from you, as a reporter, as I do this. It takes the ego out of journalists a little bit.” t.co/72AJqFjLX3 —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

Join SPJ and the Facebook Journalism Project for a free Facebook Tools Training webinar at 6 p.m., Oct. 29 that will share products and tools to help journalists with newsgathering, storytelling and connecting via Facebook and Instagram. t.co/9hNvAItD8g —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @pattinewberry: This is where the Trump Administration's anti-press rhetoric has gotten us. As @spj_tweets prez, a journalism educator

"Trump has consistently used criticism of the media to rile up his supporters, often referring to journalists as 'enemy of the people' and discrediting critical reports about him and his administration as 'fake news.'" t.co/aVROQDVgBa —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"Among rank and file staffers and even some of the network's anchors, there is deep concern that the news side of Fox will be further squeezed by the opinion shows that President Trump and his supporters prefer." t.co/B7tCrieNA7 —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @spj_tweets: SPJ members believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. Read more of the SPJ Code of Ethics. t.co/yq16RW0D1d —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @SDuncovered: As a journalist, as president-elect of @spj_tweets, as an American and as a human being, I stand with all of my peers and condemn this video and any depiction of violence or threats against journalists, who go to work just to do their jobs. t.co/ademUvUqNO —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"They can be serious, and they delve into social and cultural issues — we’re going to do investigative stories — but there should be room for joy and passion, and I think that’s what makes sports different generally and also the podcast.” t.co/lK7EC0tM9b —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

RT @spj_tweets: The SPJ Code of Ethics is an important resource for journalists everywhere. It is always available for reference, and it’s interactive, too! t.co/vuNhVR7J39 t.co/FNzVL9RkyW —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

“One of the complaints about local TV is it’s all the same. And so one of the conversations we had was: ‘This is a way potentially to distinguish what you do, what this station does, from what everybody else is doing.’" t.co/8WT3UPmRUa —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

"I want a prominent media home that reflects our size and heterogeneity.... I want stories that aren’t just about our problems, but that are also told by, for, and with us. We are civic participants who matter. I want us to set the terms of debate." t.co/WwZ8h0NblG —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

“I actually hate the word content,” A.G. Sulzberger told @TIME. “It’s a word for junk … the junk you shovel into Facebook. What we do is journalism.”
t.co/FVqjCmTMUq —@[email protected] twitter.com/spj_tweets/status/

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