FROM PALESTINE & US: An intimate documentary about two men who seek freedom from Israeli occupation through creativity and kinship unfolds into an antidote to toxic masculinity— @[email protected] by @[email protected]

FROM & : An artist on a quest to find out how digital technology can benefit cognition, and his multidisciplinary approach, which includes graphic design, photography, fashion and psychology

FROM : Three Brazilian student activists present a multidimensional, inclusive account of their fight for the right to education over the past decade in an electrifying, award-winning documentary

FROM AFGHANISTAN, BULGARIA, HUNGARY, SERBIA, TAJIKISTAN & TURKEY: An urgent documentary about a family seeking asylum provides an intimate perspective of the way that countless people plea for state powers to recognize their humanity

FROM & : A debut novel about a man trying to find acceptance despite the class and race separations is dense with thoughts and revelations, steeped in ice-cold loneliness—an outsider’s usual bedfellow

2020: 4 Films From Europe and 'Parasite' Nominated for Best International Feature Film - See Map

FROM : Former workers of Poland’s manufacturing giant are asked to reinterpret their labor rituals through dance and music in a visceral body of analytical work from Poland’s finest young artists

FROM : Soon after Canada legalized same-sex marriages, Julia Ivanova filmed four gay fathers realizing their liberties. She returned a decade later to see how the dads, their co-parents and kids were doing

FROM : Crooners, rappers & comeback kids, a diva & a soccer hymn: our first dispatch of freshest tunes from Burundi will satisfy your Afrobeat, R&B and hip-hop cravings and lift you up

FROM ARGENTINA & SPAIN: Two men hook up and recognize each other from a brief encounter twenty years ago. What could have been if they had acted differently back then? A highly imaginative Argentine feature debut— feat.

FROM KYRGYZSTAN, RUSSIA & POLAND: A husband, his two wives, and estranged young son grapple with opportunities and morals in rural Kyrgyzstan—a powerful road-movie from a young Russian director

FROM KANAK PEOPLE & NEW CALEDONIA: Carved Bamboo Canes as Ritual Objects and a Form of Writing in Kanak Artist’s Revival of Melanesian Heritage

FROM MACEDONIA and YÖRUK PEOPLE: A luminous documentary about a female beekeeper, who seems to have found harmony with nature, becomes an allegory for humanity when extraneous forces threaten the fragile ecosystem -

FROM MONACO: An avant-garde space adventure into the music of the 20th century from Menegascue metalheads who made a music video using Artificial Intelligence

FROM BOLIVIA & US: A father seeks to get to know his dead gay son, as the son’s ex creates a play that will change the country in a nesting doll of autobiographical narrative and fiction from Bolivia’s leading director

FROM ICELAND, DENMARK & SWEDEN: The death of his wife and an unsettling discovery propel a police chief into violence and darkness. Will the love for his granddaughter save him? A bleak yet stunning film with searing performances

FROM NAMIBIA: Born in exile during the country's war for independence, the interdisciplinary artist seeks to find ways to belong and to explore trauma through works of striking beauty and proximity to the earth

FROM COSTA RICA & SPAIN: A woman from a traditional Costa Rican family doesn’t want to have another baby. A simple decision turns into an act of defiance in a smart, lyrical portrayal of Latina womanhood

Today announced their shortlists. We love maps and we made one for the entries into the International Feature Film category. See how the geographies of the long list & the short list stack up:

FROM PHILIPPINES: A queer romance is blooming at an all-girls catholic school in rural Philippines in the 90s—but pregnancy puts the relationship, as well as the girls’ agencies, to the test

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