FROM BRAZIL: A consummate portrait of Brazilian organizer Indianara follows her through joy and pain, rites of passages, and a tense fight for respect, inclusion, and protection for the trans community — @[email protected] by @[email protected]

FROM MEXICO & US: Through portraits of three distillers and a thorough exploration of their process, this gorgeous documentary shows the role of mezca in Mexico’s economy, society, and environmental landscape

FROM FRANCE & SENEGAL: In a much-discussed coming-of-age comedy-drama, French filmmaker of Senegalese origin does not pull any punches while shedding light on the way cultural excesses harm those caught between them

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Love @[email protected]’s mapping of the world‘s culture with all its beauty and complexity. Here is my favorite collection of articles


FROM JAMAICA: Seemingly simple, yet breathtakingly complex, this album is one of the greatest in the genre, showing raw, earthy reggae at its finest: half a century later, it shines powerfully— @[email protected]

FROM IRELAND: Based on a screenplay by Roddy Doyle, this film is as relevant as ever in the times of COVID economy and focuses on the hidden homelessness where families with kids are left without shelter— by @[email protected] with @[email protected]

FROM US & BERMUDA: Excavating the past and applying creative scrutiny, this exciting young artist creates electric landscapes that give power to those hidden in the colonial reading of history

Who’s that? Doctor professor Supamodu-McGenius or three baby Supamodus in a trenchcoat? Perhaps a little bit of both, because today we introduce to you our collection of coming of age narratives. Keep checking back, it's updated weekly!

FROM VIETNAM, COR PEOPLE, RỤC PEOPLE, and JARAI PEOPLE: A poetic yet informative journey across the unconventional homes of Vietnamese ethnic minorities becomes a rumination on belonging, displacement, and weaponized alienation

FROM ITALY & FRANCE: Pietro Marcello’s documentary about a career criminal and a transsexual sex-worker who fell in love in prison is the director’s lesser-known film, but it deserves all the accolades

FROM BAHAMAS: After a religious revelation, he became an art sensation in his middle age. Today, Amos Ferguson’s legacy is a testament to why it’s vital to see countries for their marvels and talents, not profits

FROM ANGUILLA: Listen to the man who brought reggae to the Eastern Caribbean and then built an extensive heritage in educating the youth, protecting nature, and sharing good vibes with listeners everywhere

FROM ICELAND, FRANCE & SWITZERLAND: 56 short scenes allow an unprecedented pleasure to peek into the different households and community gatherings in Iceland during the holiday season— with music by @[email protected]

FROM RUSSIA & KET PEOPLE: Come for Werner Herzog, Tarkovsky’s nephew, and charismatic dogs, stay because it’s an incomparable opportunity to hang out in Taiga for a whole year

FROM ALGERIA: A linguistically ornate exercise exploring postcolonial history and identity, Assia Djebar’s account of her homeland is a monument to the country’s women and their heroic lives— from @[email protected]

FROM ALBANIA: Whether he’s depicting socialist worker heroines, women alienated by their fragility, or experiments with the Byzantine heritage, Hasan Nallbani is Albania’s foremost master of the female portrait

Please welcome our collection in which we'll bring narratives by & about the world's indigenous peoples to the forefront: from Melanesian Kanaks to the Inuits in Canada's snowy plains. Celebrate these voices, & keep checking back, there'll be more!

FROM A WHOLE LOT OF REPUBLICS, TERRITORIES & INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS OF THE FORMER USSR: In a wholesome display of Twitter de-escalation, Kazakh artists used the hashtag to shed light on the many cultures of CIS-countries and beyond

FROM SĀMOA AMELIKA & US: While reclaiming his culture from the Tiki bars, Samoan poet and artist dwells on his fa’afafine identity, his family history within colonialism and the enchanting environment of Tutuila island— from @[email protected]

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