New fact-check: did Fastly break the internet?

> In short, enough websites stopped working for long enough, that from the perspective of a regular user the Internet was, in a very real sense of the word, “broken.”


> So, did Fastly break the Internet? Not single-handedly, no. But it is probably reasonable to say they knowingly benefited from (and promoted) industry practices that led to centralization and introduction of single points of failure.

@rysiek @tecc A down moment does not count as "breaking the Internet". But when a CDN's policy causes it to non-stop deny service to various classes of users, like #Cloudflare does, that is most certainly "breaking the Internet". Now get the spotlight off Fastly and put it back on Cloudflare where it belongs.

@resist1984 @rysiek @tecc

Yes, Cloudflare is responsible for the huge internet outages,websites being taken off-line.

It's a well known fact that centralised structures are much more affected by small failures then distributed systems are.
Distribution networks never should have bottlenecks or single points of delivery.

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