An analysis of the draft NSO report that the Government has decided not to put out shows a deterioration in 2017-18 in consumption & poverty levels in rural India. The reasons may be demonetisation and GST, writes S Subramanian.

Hoping to motivate students from the SC/ST communities to be future economists, & inspire them to continue the struggle for egalitarian principles initiated by leaders of social justice like Dr B R Ambedkar, @[email protected] shares a personal account.

Sewers continue to be unblocked with bamboo poles and iron rods; accumulated silt often needs to be cleaned out by hand or shovel. Human labour, which in this case is inevitably Dalit labour, keeps India’s sewers flowing.

: Rudrangshu Mukherjee reviews 'The Diary of Manu Gandhi 1943-1944', edited and translated by Tridip Suhrud.

"The and the NRC will transform India into a majoritarian polity with gradations of citizenship rights that undermine the constitutional principle of universal equal citizenship."

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From bullying of students of reserved category and mental trauma, to finally learning to assert their identity on the campus and forming a support group for each other, @[email protected] shares her story of the desire to attain knowledge.

Bahujan students face hostility in universities but they cannot give up. They must fight to assert their identity, reject being called “non-meritorious” and master their subjects. One scholar recounts her struggle & demands a more compassionate Economics.

In a society ridden with inequalities, how can we provide for those failed by the education system?
The skill eco-system needs to consider the extant power structures that favour an upper-class, upper-caste, male, educated, urban workforce over others.

Will the "corrective measures" taken by the government arrest the economic slowdown? If they do not, what would?

Culling of animals is an intrinsic, if unpalatable, part of modern dairy, where dry “spent” animals are eventually sent to slaughterhouses. What has historically been a routine operation in dairy management is today a perilous one.

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The 2019 laureates in should use their new stature to call for a moratorium on experiments done on vulnerable populations since poor ethical standards often mark the design and conduct of Randomised Control Trials on these groups.

Beggars are usually ignored on the streets and questions are asked about why they do not work. Many have indeed worked as paid labour and then each for her own reasons has chosen begging as the primary activity. A report and analysis from the field.

Indian dairy firms, unlike & with the exception of Amul, remain small. It is instructive that no Indian dairy company figures in the top 20 global list that Rabobank reliably produces each year, writes @[email protected]

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