India and Israel have moved closer under PM Narendra Modi. The ethno-racial ideologies — Hindutva & Zionism flirt with each other, and the two militaristic nation-states rely on one another to build capacity. @[email protected] writes.

Suo Motu action by the Supreme Court is well within the judicial realm, as the higher judiciary in India has the mandate to initiate proceedings on its own, without being petitioned by a claimant or party.

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Along with Nehru, the strongest opponents of Hindi-wallahs were the Hindi writers themselves. Many prominent Hindi writers, such as Munshi Premchand & Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, formed part of the resistance against the Hindi-wallahs’ self-appointed agenda

In The Nutmeg’s Curse, @[email protected] explains global inaction on climate change as a direct consequence of the economic & political status quo protecting a geopolitical order built upon a fossil-fuel energy system. Deepti Chatti writes.

The emerging trend of punitive demolitions is not quite a Hindi heartland policy; Assam has practiced it even before. This is a policy now systematically adopted by BJP-led state governments, writes @[email protected]

Let us look forward to the days when the Supreme Court and high courts carry out their mandate, and take suo motu cognizance more often on many of the ugly acts that are currently endangering the country.

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A plea by civil society can be that the higher judiciary has to be more proactive & intervene suo motu in the increasing number of incidents that have been violently affecting the social & communal fabric & the very economic well-being of the country.

The Hindi-wallahs urged the majority Hindu population of India to seek their identity through the Hindi language as part of a larger plan to create India as an authentically Hindu space.

The Nutmeg’s Curse by @[email protected] is to be applauded for evocatively describing the deep connections between colonialism and climate change. Deepti Chatti writes. @[email protected]

The Nutmeg’s Curse by @[email protected] is to be applauded for evocatively describing the deep connections between colonialism and climate change. Deepti Chatti writes. @[email protected]

In the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel practises “punitive demolitions”, a reality well documented by the @[email protected] Office and even flagged as a war crime. What is happening in India today is strikingly similar, writes @[email protected]

Bollywood, drawing its impetus from current politics, leads the way with anti-Muslim, anti-Urdu, and anti-Pakistan films. The rhetoric is resonant with that of Hindi-wallahs, a politically defined group who sought to marry Hindi, Hindu, and Bharat.

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Given that the SC as well as the high courts have such powers, one wonders why the higher judiciary does not use suo motu powers and initiate action in incidents/episodes that have been causing havoc and undermining the democratic processes in India.

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The higher judiciary must proactively exercise its powers to intervene suo motu to deal with a spate of incidents that rip the country's social and communal fabric. @[email protected] writes.

The current climate crisis can only be understood by centering the role colonialism played in naturalising a violent ideology of modernity and progress. Deepti Chatti of @[email protected] on @[email protected]’s ‘The Nutmeg’s Curse’ published @[email protected]

There is growing conviction that the nation, language, and religion are one. The Hindi ideologues see only Hindi as authentically Indian and Hindu. The current rhetoric is reminiscent of the Hindi-wallahs in the early 20th century. Vedita Cowaloosur writes

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