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Social enterprises have the potential to make a significant impact on India's society & economy, but they struggle to find sustained funding. Social stock exchanges can help bridge the funding gap & create an investment ecosystem for such enterprises.

The lacks a coherent strategy to strengthen public education. It does not own the narrative of education as a public good, instead the policy pushes for private practices antithetical to public goals.

The problem with India’s policy implementation system is its lack of seriousness about transforming a creaking & breaking education system. The numbers of schools, students & teachers has gone up but the administrative structure has remained unchanged.

Kamala Harris has been widely quoted as saying that her mother raised her daughters as Black women. It must have been pretty clear to Shyamala Gopalan that the Black community would be more accepting of her mixed-race daughters, than her own.

If America has a race problem, then ‘desis’ have an even bigger one. Indians have carried their trappings of caste, class, and patriarchal ideas to the new world. Sumana Kasturi on how Kamala Harris’ nomination brings these biases to the fore.

For the locked-down Indian economy, standard ways of estimating employment levels can be misleading. Estimates of current unemployment may well be actually higher.

Ex-NSC head @[email protected] & senior statistician Aloke Kar in:

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Kamala Harris’ part-Indian parentage had the Indian media report with a sense of excitement and possibility. But in the United States, Indian Americans are not so sure. Part of the problem is her mixed race.

The New Education Policy makes some interesting recommendations on teachers, but there is no radical change towards improving the quality of teaching or the working conditions of the all-important teacher. @[email protected] writes.

India’s official employment numbers are calculated based on conditions in ‘normal’ times. In these extraordinary circumstances we need to interpret current data with caution. Ex-NSC head @[email protected] & senior statistician Aloke Kar explain.

The Indian-American community’s mixed feelings about ' candidacy for US vice president spotlight its problem of racism and social conservatism. Sumana Kasturi writes.

"There is room for building a support system that can improve work participation and work-related benefits of all women in India." @[email protected] writes:

The is a poorly drafted piece of delegated legislation & has to be withdrawn. The govt ought to stop undermining the current regulatory framework for reasons that do not align with the larger & critical goal of environmental protection. @[email protected]

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AV Jose argues that the state can play a supportive role in drawing more women, especially the discouraged workers, into paid employment.

In India, there is abundant scope for fine-tuning the existing institutions for raising the floor wages & enhancing the reach of social security: to encourage more work participation of women and to offer a better deal to skilled workers.

In not owning the narrative of education as a public good, NEP pushes for private practices antithetical to public goals. A coherent strategy for strengthening the public system is hard to discern in the policy.

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