Portland passes unprecedented ban on facial recognition tech, despite $24,000 Amazon lobbying effort to kill initiative

Portland lawmakers unanimously passed a sweeping ban on facial recognition technology, becoming the first city to bar both public and private entities from the controversial software and defeating Amazon’s bid to kill the measure. Read Full Article a...

The last worldwide depression happened in 1933. If we take into account that 100 years from that date ut would make 2033 the next depression.

Now, from 2020 to 2033 it's exactly 13 years.

If you know anything about you'd know that 13 isn't a good number.

2033 is the year of the next great worldwide depression.

These are driven, fundamentalist, satanic loving corps: , , , . Maybe if we defund these fuckers, we could make a change.

Liberalism wants to do anything they want, including acting undecorously in the open, promoting social rottenness, instigating the loskng of one's soul, and increasing the exposure of satanic loving agendas, let alone pedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia.

‘The height of hypocrisy’: Wealthy student busted for taking part in BLM rampage which caused $100K worth of damage

A wealthy college student is among eight people facing rioting charges after Black Lives Matter protesters went on a three-hour trail of destruction in Manhattan, causing around $100,000 worth of damage to businesses. Read Full Article at RT.com...

Fuck @annonymous. Go hide under hell, assholes. You fundamentalist DNC tits licking

Brian Cox' Homeland Security is a fucking white supremacist and a butt licking asswipe nazi.

Las cosas que Oscar Arias, expresidente de Costa Rica ha hecho y nadie sabe.... lo expondremos en su momento. , ,

Two guards stabbed during Georgia prison riot. Purported footage of violent uprising spreads on social media (VIDEOS)

Two guards have been injured in a riot at Georgia's Ware State Prison, local media reported. Purported videos of the chaotic rebellion show inmates covered in blood, holding tasers, and even frog-marching handcuffed prison staff. Read Full Art...

Fuck facebook. May that stupid platform die and their info removed.

The followers and pundits of the are the real problem on this planet. They need to be scouted, dbased, doxed, followed and removed.

I'm all for living and life but many people need to be removed style.

Twitter discovers ‘Settle for Biden’ campaign to lure in Sanders & Warren supporters – and can’t tell if it’s a joke

The revelation of a campaign that seeks to persuade leftist Americans to park their progressive reservations about Joe Biden and vote for him in an all-out bid to block Donald Trump’s reelection has perplexed many Dems online. Read Full Article at RT.com


Fuck twitter, instagram, facebook and every single news network on the planet. Fuck every central bank therenis and fuck the world bank.

Amazon declares ‘moratorium’ on police use of its ‘racist’ facial recognition tech

US law enforcement will be barred from using Amazon’s facial recognition software for one year, the company has announced, calling for stronger government regulations on the technology amid a broader push to reform policing. Read Full Article at RT.com


Fuck .. that jew loving, antiamerican society of digital misfits.

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