so fucking frustrated with LastPass. Especially with it and it's failing "biometrics" pop-up windows on Firefox. May just go back to Chrome. Or ditch LastPass. Both bad choices, I know.

In other words, I am bored and depressed while sitting here reading news and trying to find a silver lining

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In just saying, *when* the US (and the rest of the world) pulls out if this pandemic, we will see a national healthcare system for Americans. Once and for all. About time, too.

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I used to think social change was some high-minded thing that could only be achieved through a well-oiled democratic system. Turns out - bad things happen (COVID-19), people get scared, people demand action (on a gov't level), and people make change themselves.

Good for us (and US)

Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes" right after When In Rome "The Promise" makes me want to buy a synthesizer and a time machine and go party like a rock star in the 80s.

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Coffee. Spotify. Fresh air. Having a nice day. Hope everyone is staying safe out there.

I've been using Mastodon for a while. I shut down some older Masto accts on .social .technology, etc. because I was going off ALL social media. I still don't use the other big social players out there, but Masto is OK, to me.

Anyway, I am TMO and blog on and document basically everything in my life. Hope to meet some good people on here.


Moto G7 Power: AQUIRED! This phone is HUGE compared to the iPhone 6. Not lugging at all in terms of speed. Good phone overall :):)

Wow, Masto looks like trash on Chrome for iOS. But this iPhone is a POS anyway. Can’t wait for the Moto G7 Power to arrive. Counting the days.

The only “mod” I made to the blog in the past few months was the changing of color of the hyperlink text (a neon green from a dark red, I believe).

What I am wanting to do is to make the whole thing look a lot simpler, essentially. Guess I don’t need a new theme to do that.

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My blog is federated somewhere via, but I cannot find it

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anyone else actually *like* being under quarantine? (I find it quite peaceful)


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