Brazilian President Bolsonaro says Glenn Greenwald may 'do jail time' - Committee to Protect Journalists

Delighted to see the release of the new privacy-friendly keyserver, which finally fixes a number of serious issues in the aged SKS network. The new server finally lets you replace or delete your keys and has separation of key and identity data!

#pgp #gpg #sks #keyserver #privacy

"It's already nearly impossible to separate actual journalism from the argumentative noise on the cable networks that dominate so much of public perception. When that line is finally obliterated and we sink into the cesspool beckoning us to its depths, this historically flawed, imperfect tool for revealing and routing racism will look and sound indistinguishable from the noise and become just as irrelevant."

RT @spj_tweets: "Flaws and all, I believe the free press is our country's most important institution — one I am more than happy to defend." — William H. McRaven. —@[email protected]

"Trust in the media is broadly down worldwide, but the situation in the United States is a little different: ...Democrats’ trust in the U.S. news media has increased (amid Trump’s “fake news” accusations), while Republicans’ trust has decreased." —@[email protected]

On this , SPJ and 12 other press freedom groups resolve to advocate to uphold the democratic process in the 2020 U.S. elections and recommit ourselves to the role of watchdog to guard against misinformation. —@[email protected]

Lynsey Addario, photojournalists and documentarian of conflict and humanitarian crises reporting from some of the worldʼs most dangerous places, including Darfur, the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya #womensart

About one in five Americans now lack regular access to local media coverage. Studies show this is bad for politics, municipal debt -- and even the environment.

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