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Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko accuses Russia of lying over 'mercenaries' bbc.in/31obALg #news #worldnews

**Mohammed Rafi: Singer and Human Par Excellence**

"Mohammed Rafi, the greatest humanitarian and singer, breathed his last forty years ago today, on July 31, 1980, due to multiple heart attacks while rehearsing for an album at home. Over 20,000 people, including film people, attended his funeral amidst heavy downpour. Rafi’s versatility; his command over different genr…"


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Researchers say conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are spreading at an alarming rate across the country — and they warn misinformation shared online may lead to devastating consequences and push Canadians to shun important safety measures. bit.ly/2PpQd6B #news #toronto

**Nearly half of Germans in favor of US military withdrawal: survey**

"People in Germany are largely in favor of US troops withdrawing from their country, a recent survey has revealed. The data showed that voters and politicians tend to disagree on the matter."


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**What The Hell Is Going On With the Census?**

"Only 63% of the country has been counted, but the Census Bureau is shutting down its operation a month early."


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European Commission to carry out full-scale probe into Google-Fitbit $2.1bn (£1.6bn) deal bbc.in/3i7siVE #news #worldnews

**New Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Reveal Explosive Sex Abuse Allegations**

"They also reveal that Maxwell lied at her bail hearing, when she said she hasn't had contact with Jeffrey Epstein in over a decade."


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