About Masthead
Masthead is a Social Networking Platform. With our new features, users can wonder posts,connect with each other, post photos, videos, earn money from their content, plus live stream. Plus we have introduced MobAds, also with this your content can be monetized. Added to this , their will be a Suggestions Tab at the top of the page , if there is something that you want to see , suggest it there , and we will look at it , SuperChat is already on the top One thing we were unable to do with the previous version was to develop, that's not the case with the new version , the sky is the limit!

Who we are... 

We inherited Masthead , and it quickly grew.

The old Masthead had very old code and didnt progress with the times.

Content creators want modern features like

Live Streaming

Monitorize , to gather a following and be able to earn a living from it.

Upload videos

Pictures and turn them into albums.

A facebook feel without the constant fake fact checkers and full on censorchip.

We have turned Masthead into a very modern Social Media Platform .

We now have the ability to develop without limits.

Whats ever you want , let us know....


Masthead Team