Trying to wean myself off of Chrome, and liking Brave. From the creator of JavaScript, it's fast, private, and supports Basic Attention Token (BAT) for blockchain-based micropayment tipping for creators. Try it!

@editor This is a good reminder as I’ve meant to get off Chrome myself. How long have you been using Brave and how does it compare to Firefox and Safari as a Chrome replacement (privacy aside)?

@mark I've always found Firefox to feel heavy and slow, I try it every other year or so and just can't get into it. Since it's based on Chromium, it feels like Chrome, which is a good thing. I like Safari but most extensions are written for Chrome (which Brave supports).


@editor I agree with what you said about both Firefox and Safari. After all I’ve seen and read on Brave, plus your feedback, I think I’ll finally give Brave a try. Thanks!

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