Hoping to make use of my amateur radio license again, I picked up an AnyTone AT-878UV radio. Ham radio has gotten a lot more complicated in the last five years. This handset has DMR, which is all the rage. Hope to figure out how to use it!

@editor once you get used to DMR and the settings you’ll be fine. I have an Ailunce HD1 which comes in handy to talk to the neighbor island hams, mainland and other countries.

@mark I'll have to come to you for tips! The main selling point of this radio was DMR, but I only have the vaguest sense of what that means. (For what it's worth, my RadioID is 3146151, callsign KH6WEB.)


@editor I assume you’ve got your radio programmed already. If not you’ll need a plugin which I won’t be much help because I manually programmed mine. Usually the hams with similar DMR radios are nice about sharing plugins or you could create your own which I’m sure you’d be able to. Being strictly a Mac user the ability to manually program my radio off the face was why I went with the HD1.

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